4 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Conversions

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How to Optimize Your Site for Conversions

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Much of your marketing strategy is designed to bring more people to your website. But what do you want people to do once they’re there? It’s not enough just to increase site traffic — there has to be a reason for them to come, and an action they need to take once they’re there. Put simply, there has to be a way to convert them.

Offer a Clear Value

You know what you want people to do once they come to your site, and that means it needs to be clear to them as well. When visitors enter a site, they’re looking for things that will benefit them or answer their questions. Make these benefits clear from the content on the page.

Incorporate the main benefit in your headline and talk about additional benefits throughout the text. Talk about what the customer will get from the offer — not what your company is offering. Give them a reason to investigate the offer further and they will.

Make Calls to Action Stand Out

Some site owners do everything right, including a compelling call to action (CTA). However, they forget to make the call prominent. Maybe it’s buried in the text or located at the bottom of the page, where people might not bother to look. Relocate your CTA and highlight it so it’s hard to miss.

Use a bold color that contrasts with the rest of the page color scheme. Place the call near the top of the page so no one can miss it. Finally, make the call simple, with basic commands like, “Click Here” or “Sign Up.” If people know exactly what they’re supposed to do, they’ll be more likely to do it.

Tout Your Credentials

People are nervous about submitting information to a new website with good reason. Even if they trust the website’s authenticity, they may not trust its security and hold back for fear their information will be stolen. Show your site is trustworthy by touting testimonials, security badges and other credentials.

Testimonials are a powerful way to show customers they’re dealing with an established, reputable business. If you’re asking for contact information, assure visitors their names and emails will not be sold to third parties that will send spam mail. If you run an e-commerce site, you need to show visitors your site runs on a secure server, or they’ll be reluctant to purchase from you. As trust barriers go down, conversions go up.

Make the Process Quick and Simple

How do you feel when you have to fill out a form that seems to go on forever, or go through page after page of information before a process is complete? Do you stay on a slow-loading page or click away? You can bet your visitors are asking themselves these questions. Make the conversion process quick and simple and you won’t risk losing conversions.

There’s no set rule for number of steps, but it should only last as long as you need to get the most important information: Name, email, job title and whatever other data will help you promote to them. A long, complicated process will drive people away, hurting conversions and sales along the way.

Your site is a great information hub, but it also needs to be a business driver. This requires making the next steps clear, and enticing, to visitors. Optimize your site for conversions and turn your website into your most effective sales and lead-generation tool.

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