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What should a healthcare website look like?

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As a medical professional, your website needs to do more than just explain what your services are. It needs to serve as a resource for your patients and demonstrate that you are dedicated to their health. For physicians, hospitals, emergency centers, and other medical professionals, this means investing time and effort into your online presence. So how should you use your resources to build a site that is useful to both you and your patients?

These web design tips for medical and healthcare professionals should help you create an online resource that is educational and improves the efficiency of your practice.

Be professional

Your patients take their health very seriously, and as a medical professional, so should you. Be sure to demonstrate this on your site by making it as professional as possible. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be cold and clinical, but web design for healthcare should be simple, clear, and informative. A site that is easy to navigate and includes useful information can inspire trust in visitors – an essential quality in someone who is considering putting their health in your hands.

That being said, do not rely on your design to create credibility. Make sure you spend plenty of time researching any and all information you plan to include on your site. Your patients trust you, and you need to go out of your way to ensure that you’ve earned that confidence.

Share patient resources

If patients need to access important forms or documents, make it as easy as possible for them to do this on your website. Offer printable versions of any forms that they need to fill out prior to appointments to shorten their wait time. Patients will appreciate this efficiency, as it speeds up the process of being seen by a medical professional. Your site should also provide answers to common patient questions and help them make appointments online.

Security should also be a primary concern when considering web design for medical professionals. Any time that your site could be dealing with confidential patient information, you need to make sure that it abides by all HIPAA regulations.

Make your site easy to use

Regardless of which area of healthcare you specialize in, you need to make sure that your site is easy to use. It should have a clear navigation system that eliminates confusion and directs patients to the correct pages and resources. You should also place contact information on every page. If you want site visitors to become clients, they need to be able to quickly find your phone number and location.

Speed should also be a key consideration when creating the web design for your healthcare business. Although not every practice deals with urgent situations, no one likes being made to wait long periods of time for pages to load.

Create a responsive design

When creating your medical website, you need to remember that not everyone will be accessing it from a desktop computer. Many of your patients likely use smartphones and tables to browse the Internet, so it is very important that your site displays well on various devices and screen sizes. Every medical and healthcare professional has a website, and you don’t want to lose potential patients to someone else just because they have a better site design.

When done right, the web design you choose for your medical or healthcare website should enable you to attract new patients and keep the ones you already have. If you need assistance creating a professional and useful site, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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