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How the Web Design Process Works

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Having a new website designed for your business isn't as simple as snapping your fingers (although we wish it was). There are a number of important steps in the web design process, some of which you may not ever see or know about.

However, as a business owner, you don't necessarily need to know each and every step that goes into creating your new website. What you should know are the three major steps in the process:

  • Creating the concept
  • Mocking up the design
  • Building the website

By having an awareness of these steps, you'll get a better idea of how long tasks will take, what to expect when you hit each milestone or receive a progress report, and what kind of time investment you'll need to make to get your new website fully designed.

Let's examine these three major steps in a little more detail.

Step One: The Website Concept

The first step of the web design process is to come up with a concept for your website. This is usually a collaborative process that involves members from both the design agency you're working with and members of your company.

You'll be asked to answer a number of questions to help guide the design process and determine what the initial concept will be. These questions may include:

  • What you both like and dislike about your current website (if you have one)
  • What other websites you like, and why you like them
  • What elements your new website absolutely must have (ex. a faceted search function, easier navigation, large graphics...)
  • How you want your brand to be reflected in the new design
  • How you want your website to fit into your business goals

After these questions are answered, the design agency will likely provide you with a rough concept based on the information you provided. For example, they may explain that they plan to build a mockup with the features you requested, or that they will show you a redesign mockup with the design elements you prefer.

Step Two: The Design Mockup

After the concept is completed, the agency's designers will build one or more mockups of a new website for you to view and approve. These mockups may range from flat graphics to partially functional websites, but the important thing to note is that you'll be asked to approve the design at this stage.

If you aren't satisfied with the design(s) presented in the first mockup round, you'll be able to go back to the agency and ask for changes or revisions. They will then work with you to produce a mockup that you are completely happy with. Reputable agencies won't limit your amount of changes or revisions at this stage, because they know it's all about making you happy and helping you achieve your goals!

Step Three: The Website is Built!

Finally, once you've approved the design mockup, or chosen a design that you feel fits your website best, you'll move to the last stage of the web design process. At this stage, your agency will begin to build the website for you.

Website build times can vary based on your needs. For example, it will often take longer to build an ecommerce site with a high number of pages and lots of functionality than it will to create a simple B2B site with just a few pages of information.

After the website is built by your agency, you'll enter a testing phase where the site is tested, additional revisions are made, and functionality like shopping carts or contact forms are added and tested. Once the website is fully tested and confirmed to meet your standards and expections, you'll be able to launch!

Now that you know a little bit more about the design process, are you ready to get a new site created for your business? Learn more about our web design skills to find out how we can create a smooth, enjoyable website design or redesign process for you.

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Web Design Pricing

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