What Web Design Services Should I Look For?

How to narrow down your list of design firms

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You Know You Need Professional Web Design Services

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You know you need a company that can offer you professional, reliable, modern web design for your business website. But what specific services should you look for to ensure that the design firm you choose can help you meet all your needs, both now and in the future?

Here's a breakdown of some of the specific services, or features in web design packages, that you should look for to ensure the best fit.

Full-Service Website Design and Development

It's one thing to choose a firm that can design a new website for you. But it's another thing to choose a firm that can both design and build the website.

There's a lot more than goes into the process of creating a new website than creating the way it looks or acts. The web design services provider you choose should also be able to pick a content management system (CMS) for your website, customize it, perform any required development tasks, and so on.

Additionally, if you need an ecommerce website, the firm in question should have experience setting up an online store and integrating their design with a shopping cart and payment gateway. Without this, you may need to hire yet another company!

Graphic Design Skills

Anyone can build a website these days, thanks to all the free programs and tools available online. However, it's one thing to create a website from a cookie cutter template, and another to build one from scratch.

Graphic web design skills are necessary to create a fully unique, customized, and functional website that matches your branding and creates a good user experience. Additionally, a firm with good graphic designers on staff will be able to create graphics, charts, images, or icons from scratch, making your website look even more customized and functional.

Responsive Design

Modern web design hinges on one very important thing: the rise in reliance on mobile devices. Because so many people are now using smartphones and tablets to get online, do research, and find businesses, it's crucial to find a firm that offers responsive design among its other professional web design services.

Responsive design is a technology that enables a website to automatically scale up or down its content to fit screens of any size, no matter how big or small. Modern web design firms should include responsive design as part of every new website design—so if you come across one that wants to charge you a large amount to add this in, you should probably find another firm to work with.

A Professional Web Design Team

Aside from services and website features, there's one final thing you should keep an eye out for: a professional team. Look for an agency that employs not just one or two website designers, but has a full team of designers, developers, and graphic web design experts.

When you have access to a full team, you're more likely to have your site design completed quickly, all of your questions answered accurately, and access to additional professionals who will be able to provide assistance with non-design related tasks like Internet marketing or SEO.

For example, we have more than 50 team members who are experts at everything from web design to content creation, and they are all ready and willing to help our clients meet their every need. We love our team, and our clients do, too!

Now that you know the important web design services and features you should look for, you're probably wondering how to narrow down your list of agencies even further. Check out our page on how to choose a design agency to learn what else you should look for when picking a professional design partner in the Harrisburg area.

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Web Design Pricing

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Website Redesign Services

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