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Why Does Your Website Design Need SEO?

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Your website needs a lot more than a great design to thrive online. If you aren’t backing your new web design with search engine optimization (or SEO), you could be missing out on countless visitors, customers, or business leads.

SEO is a method by which a website is improved to better rank in searches for the phrases most relevant to the business behind it. So for example, if you sell blankets, you might use SEO to make your website rank higher for phrases like “blankets” or “buy blankets” or “blanket store.”

As a component of web design, SEO makes a website’s created structure and layout better and more friendly to search engines. SEO web design can help take a website from the third page of Google to the first page, or even push it into the coveted #1 spot.

There are various components of SEO that might affect how your website ranks. For example, one major component is where and how often the words and phrase you want your Harrisburg area business to rank for appear on your site. These are called keywords, and there are multiple locations in which you can add them, including:

  • The body of the copywriting on your pages
  • The titles of your pages
  • The meta description of your pages (which show up beneath your page titles in search results and tell viewers what a page is about)
  • Within your navigation or internal links

By adding keywords to these important locations, you can increase the chances that your website ranks higher in searches. SEO web design ensures that your website has a better chance at attracting visitors not only from its beautiful new design, but also through optimization for search engines.

Designing a new website without SEO is a huge mistake that no Harrisburg web design company should ever make. If any of the local agencies you have contacted aren’t planning to utilize a web design plan backed by SEO strategies, you may want to rethink your partnership with them. It’s only through SEO that you can truly compete with other businesses and increase your visibility in search engines.

A great-looking website alone isn’t enough to drive success online. Contact us today to learn how our SEO web design strategies can help you attract more leads and paying customers from search engines.

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