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Why is Design So Important for Ecommerce Websites?

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When potential customers find your website for the first time, your website gives them their first impression of your business. If your site is easy to use, well organized, and has a beautiful appearance, the impression your visitors get will be a positive one. But if it is outdated, difficult to use, or—worst of all—not compatible with their device, the impression you give them will be a negative one.

Because your website is so closely tied to the first impressions that potential customers develop of your brand and business, it's crucial to have a site that accurately represents who you are, what you sell, and what you care about. By applying the following tips, you'll be able to ensure that your web design for ecommerce is exactly what it should be to bring you online success.

What Should an Ecommerce Website Look Like?

As we mentioned, potential customers typically develop a negative perception of your website and store if the site is difficult to use, not well-organized, or not mobile-friendly. This means that your website should have these visual elements:

  • An easily viewable color scheme with readable fonts and links
  • Simple, sensible navigation that appears in an easily accessible location
  • A faceted search function that returns relevant results with the ability to filter them down further
  • A responsive theme that allows the site to display properly on smaller screens without zooming or excessive scrolling
  • Compatibility with all modern browsers without the need for extra plugins or browser add-ons

Using these basic elements will ensure that the structure and format of your ecommerce website is friendly to its users, providing them with a fantastic first impression and encouraging them to browse deeper and learn about your products.

What Other Elements Should an Ecommerce Website Include?

Of course, a great online store is about far more than its layout and mobile-friendliness. You should aim to design your ecommerce website around stunning product photography or multimedia. The images you display on your site no longer need to be small or hidden as thumbnails to cut down on load times. Including large, eye-catching photos can get the attention of shoppers the second they visit your site.

Some of the best ecommerce web designs rely on landing pages. These are pages that are specifically found from other sources, whether they are search engines, emails, or pay-per-click ads. These pages can help move specifically targeted visitors into your store, convincing them to purchase a specific product or learn more about your company without the distractions of the rest of your website. If you aren't already using landing pages, this is another design element you should consider.

You should also try to include as much information as possible on the products you sell. This may come in the form of detailed specs and bullet points, product copywriting, or even FAQs or knowledge base pages. This content may not directly affect your website's design, but it can help your SEO, which is why we recommend it!

Are You Looking for a New Ecommerce Website?

If your Harrisburg area business is looking for a new online storefront, we can help. We've designed hundreds of beautiful, highly functional, and highly converting websites for businesses just like yours, including ecommerce sites.

We take web design for ecommerce seriously, and that's because we know just how important your website is. We know that a great-looking website can make a huge impact on the success of your company. That's why you should trust the design of your new online store to a company that has a strong history of ecommerce design, development, and redesigns.

With the help of a new website, you'll be able to make more online sales than ever before. Contact us online to learn how we can help you achieve the ecommerce website of your dreams.

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Web Design Pricing

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