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Why Responsive Design is Important

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Are you noticing that your website is being visited more frequently by users on their smartphones or tablets? Is your website not mobile-friendly, or even unable to be properly viewed or used on a mobile device? If so, responsive web design is an ideal component of your next website design project.

Responsive web design is a mobile website design concept that involves the automatic scaling of a website’s content to fit any screen. For example, if you visit a website with four paragraphs of text and an image on a desktop, and then a phone, you would see the same four paragraphs and image on both devices -- and you would not have to zoom in or perform any special tasks to view the same content.

Responsive design has replaced traditional mobile website design methods, like the creation of a dedicated mobile site, because it is more cost-effective. With responsive design, you only need to create one website, and use “rules” in its code to determine how and when the content scales to fit different screen sizes. This means only one site has to be developed instead of two (one for desktop and one for mobile).

Additionally, responsive websites fit any screen size, including those on devices that have yet to be released. This allows your site to be fully compatible with future smartphones, tablets, or even other new, yet unforeseen technology that utilizes a screen and has Internet access.

Mobile website design is crucial because more and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to do research, shop online, and read about companies they are interested in. If your Harrisburg business doesn’t have a responsive website, you may inadvertently be driving visitors away. No one wants to zoom, scroll excessively, or install plugins just to view a website. By utilizing responsive design, you can offer a simple, hassle-free browsing experience on every device and every screen size.

We can utilize responsive web design best practices to create a beautiful, mobile-friendly website that is true to your brand and easy to use on every device. Contact us online today for a free quote from one of our web design experts.

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Web Design Pricing

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Website Redesign Services

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